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30.10.10 – Family & Friends w/ Wareika

+++ 2 x 2 Gästelistenplätze +++

Uebel und Gefaehrlich, Bunker Feldstr. 66
0 Uhr

LineUp: Wareika – live – (Perlon / Circus Company), DJ: Julius Steinhoff & Christopher Rau (Smallville), Akaak & Tilmann Tausendfreund (Klingtsogut!)

It was a warm mid-summer afternoon, when Jakob Seidensticker, Florian Schirmacher and Henrik Raabe met, “just to play around a bit”. With some congas, drums, very old synthesizers and a sequencer, they started jamming in the studio. The session was ment to be pure fun, nobody really intended to press the record button, nevertheless someone did it. The outcome was a 46 minute recording of three guys talking to each other via a very rhythmic language. The connotation was a ritual dance , so it was named “Men Village”. Even though it was clear, that no record label on THIS planet could be interested in the recording it went out on an electronic club label, which reflects the new dimension of time as well. It became more and more known, that the songs of Wareika are loooong. Each Song as a unique piece and result of three men`s work. No matter if it`s a remix or an original: Wareika puts the same efforts in it, to produce their own sound. Within the name itself, “Wareika” contains a huge amount of connotations, which they have virtually in mind. Their studio: a virtual hill, a work of Wareika’s spiritual result of listening to each other. A drum thing. Down from the hill comes their music, which marks Wareika’s artistic breakthrough. From noble gene, a song was born, called “King’s Child”. As the remix done for this techno/jazz marriage came as well from noble provenance, it led to big attention from around the globe.


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